Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Assignment 2

The project that i took part in was with Justin Belk, Jordan Harcrow, Kameron Johnson, and myself. We decided to create a new, and improved lock for doors called the ScanFastic 5000. This lock will be used by millions in the United States. The plan ended successfully, and we had a people sponsor us. The best part about this project was being able to work with my fellow classmates in creating this product. We all had a good time taking the initiative to figure out a layout of how to design the product and what resources and equipment we would need to make it happen. All of us got along really well, and it was just fun. The leadership in the group evolved in that we each put forth our own input on what we wanted to do with the project and how we wanted to make it succeed. While some did work harder than others during the project, we all had something to do with it, whether it be deciding prices, designing the product, or doing the powerpoint. We all worked together on it. If this was an individual project, i honestly would not have done anything different to it. I would have had the same general idea of the project, and would have done the same type powerpoint idea. But of course, it would have my opinion on it instead of the opinions of the other group members; however, my idea was the same as what the group came up with in this project. If i was to do this assignment again, i would attempt to create a new product, and try to sell it just as we did in the previous project in this class.

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