Monday, March 22, 2010

Vision of School for the Future

A vision of school, to me, is defined as the plans, wants, and desires that you attain in making schools better for the future. Throughout the years, technology has exceedingly advanced; therefore, I think that technology will be a major benefactor in school years from now. My specific vision of school for the future would be as followed: Electronics, technology etc. will be used throughout the classrooms. No longer will students have to worry about pens running out of ink, or frantically searching for paper in their notebooks for an assignment. Soon, I think that all students will have laptops to use in school, which some students to now, to do their work on. Also, I think that text books and assignments will be accessible through the internet, which means students won't have to carry around heavy books, or worry about loosing them throughout the year. Another vision of school that I think will be beneficial in the years to come are holographic teachers. Already, there are websites that you can go to on the internet where you can watch a teacher teach a class a certain subject. Students can do this while sitting at home in their rooms. The only problem with holographic teachers, is that you possibly will not get the one on one help that some students may need to succeed in school. Yes, while holographic teachers will be a major occurrence in the advanced field of technology in schools, it might not be as beneficial to students as some may thing when dealing with their grades. These possibilities for schools in the future are high tech, and will be a major breakthrough in the course of education. The computerized technology, whether it be a computer type desk, or just bringing a lap top to schools with all your information on it, will be greatly beneficial is certain aspects of learning. While now, students are loading with tons of binders, loose papers, text books, etc., it can get rather stressful, especially if you have to carry it all in book bag, for that could cause back pains that could lead to worse issues in the future for individuals. If all work, assignments, and text books were electronic on either desks or laptops, it would make keeping up with work so much easier. These ideas may not be liked by some, for it does take away some of the traditional values of school. For example, the pen and paper have been around for centuries. If schools start using technology for everything, then pen and paper will become more and more insignificant. Generations of students to come in the near future might not even know what a pen or paper might be; relatively speaking. While some people like holographic and computerized teaching styles, some might not, for some people need one on one personal time with teachers to improve their education, and succeed to the fullest of their abilities; therefore, this appeals to some, and does not to others. These are my views of school for the future, or possibilities that could occur in the future. Some may be successful, while others won't. We all will have to see what the future has in store for us later on in the years to come.

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  1. Good Job.
    Will the your vision of the future of school be hindered by some students or teachers not being proficient with technology?