Monday, March 22, 2010

Covey's 7 Habits

Out of Covey's 7 habits, the one that means the most important to me is habit number 3 : Put first things first. This habit is very important when dealing with a leadership role. In order to lead successfully, you must prioritize your time and think ahead in order to put first things first. Sometimes, in order to make use of this habit, a person will have to adjust his schedule in order to put what is most important at the top. This might mean that the person has to give up certain habits, or things that might get in the way of his/her goal. Certain things that are the most important to people might not be what is best for the success of the goal; therefore, one must prioritize their values, goals, and habits in order to put the most important one at the top of the list. In order to be a successful leader, this habit must be the most important. Also, in order to put first things first, habit number 7: re energize must be important to them too. In order to be on top of things, and have the most important thing in mind, one must take care of themselves. To put first things first and keep that your main priority when taking a leadership role, you have to be well rested and on top of things. This means you should take care of yourself, and take time to re energize your body to stay on top of things. This is why this habit is also important.

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